TWOWAY: communications made simple

we are a young and dynamic group, our core business is focused on providing temporary radio and wi-fi telecommunication services for large-scale events. TWOWAY skills allow it to provide targeted consultancy for the design, sizing and construction of temporary mobile networks and reliable and secure Wi-Fi infrastructures during concerts, fashion shows, sports and corporate events.

TWOWAY provides rental of professional two-way radio devices and tailored radio communication solutions, IT infrastructures, wi-fi systems, for temporary events such as concerts, sporting events, motorsport, fashion and corporate events. TWOWAY makes available the experience of technicians and designers in order to satisfy the multiple needs that are encountered in the rental of radio equipment during events where a guaranteed and secure communication between the production organs and safety in general is required. TWOWAY provides qualified technical support to the customer, ensuring constant support during the planning and implementation of the service.

what we can do?

TWOWAY provides a qualified rental of two-way radio equipment and ready-to-go telecommunications infrastructure for temporary events. Beyond the rental of radio equipment, TWOWAY offers numerous support services: from project planning to operation during the event. We are committed to providing the perfect solution to meet the individual needs of each client. Our support service also includes qualified personnel, logistics, radio frequency planning (in order to avoid collisions and ensure communication), collaboration with local authorities and regulatory organizations, and the operation of all RF equipment. Big events always have a very high radio traffic, and a perfect interoperability between security and production forces is required above all, we at TWOWAY therefore strive not only to satisfy your needs, but also to exceed your expectations.

Thanks to several locations in the local area, we are able to provide equipment rooms and antenna poles to any customer who does not have a repetition / coverage point for their network. The experience and the electronic control tools that TWOWAY has available, allow an advanced analysis of radio networks. The TestSets of our technical department allow the control of radio equipment and radio bases of any technology in order to be able to offer technical support and control equipment for radio and TETRA, DMR, Analog and WLAN as well as optimize and guarantee the maximum system functionality.

The best temporary internet connection for your events

Not just radio communications. The skills of TWOWAY, thanks to our engineers working in the field and highly qualified technical personnel, do not stop at the world of professional radio communications. Aware that today's events offer Guests numerous multimedia and technological activities and attractions that in the vast majority of cases require broadband Internet connectivity and efficient WiFi coverage, we help our customers to face these new challenges by providing reliable temporary wireless solutions, safe and with an excellent quality / price ratio, able to manage the density and variety of devices related to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon.

The creation of dedicated hotspots with Wi-Fi services that adapt to any type of event, from the concert to the flash mob, from the congress to the traveling event, created by TWOWAY guarantee safe and high-performance connectivity.