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TWOWAY was founded on a commitment to provide optimum service to each and every client. We have first hand experience which leads the way for developing a product that saves the end user time and money. It’s our attention to detail and each client’s individual needs that keep our clients coming back, time after time.

We offers top of the line radios Analog, DMR and TETRA, accessories, and cases for any event like concerts and festivals, sport events, trade and corporate events, social events and fashion show.
Our radios and accessories consist of the highest quality Motorola products available. From handheld 2 ways, to discreet surveillance radio systems, we have products to suit all of your radio need.
A ready-to-go service made ad-hoc for each customer requests

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noleggio radio ricetrasmittenti walkie-talkie PMR446 DMR Motorola Wi-Fi TVCC per eventi motorsport e concerti

Professional Communications for your Events

We keep a detailed data base of each clients preferences so ordering gear for the next event is quick and easy! We will partner with you to suggest the best products for the type of event and give you the customer service that all of our clients have come to expect from TWOWAY Radios. Each radio comes fully charged with a personalized label and includes a customized sign in/sign out sheet for all your crew members.

TWOWAY also offers a technical-engineering support service to its H.24 customers for the entire duration of the event, right from the initial assessment and plant design phase.

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Why choose a rental service?

Siamo al vostro fianco ad ogni evento

The two-way radio equipment rental formula for reliable and secure communications is nothing new and guarantees customers a cost-effective solution in terms of quality and savings compared to the direct sales formula.
However, hiring a professional radio communication system does not mean having only a two-way radio in your hands; what distinguishes the service offered by TWOWAY Italia from the other solutions on the market, in addition to the high quality of the products supplied, is in fact the competence and professionalism of its technicians and engineers able to solve any type of problems and to provide event productions and all security organs engaged with valid support during the event.

Our goal is to become a resource for individual productions both for small and large events, we are engaged in the field we work closely with you with the aim of providing an ad-hoc service both in the field of radio systems and in that IT field to respond promptly and successfully to every request or need.

Our services for your safe

Consulting & Planning

TWOWAY customizes the systems for each project. We are committed to providing the perfect solution to meet the individual needs of each client. Our team of technicians and engineers will be at your side right from the planning stage. The advice provided by TWOWAY starts with the analysis of your specific communication requests and, based on your needs, the appropriate technologies and systems will be chosen. Considering the whole project, we develop an infrastructure and design a communication plan from start to finish. Our full-service approach also includes technical support staff, logistics, frequency coordination working with local regulatory authorities and organizations regarding your event.

Events Radio rental services

Frequency Management

Big events and events always have very high radio traffic. To avoid collisions and failures, planning of the frequency plan, coordination and radio control is required. TWOWAY has the know-how, specialized technical personnel, experience, technical equipment and resources to obtain and coordinate radio frequencies worldwide. We offer services ranging from consulting to full on-site services to planning and operation of all RF equipment.

TWOWAY Quality Program

The TWOWAY quality program ensures optimum quality in the rental sector. Every single unit and hired equipment is constantly reviewed and tested for functionality. Our radios undergo a continuous renewal in order to guarantee our customers an apparatus of new and absolute quality.