La proposta WiFi di TWOWAY è espressamente progettata per gestire un’elevata densità di utenti caratterizzati da un’estrema mobilità e dalla contemporanea necessità di fruire applicazioni audio/video/dati.
Reti wireless di elevata affidabilità a banda ultra larga e a costi vantaggiosi. Servizi internet personalizzati per eventi e manifestazioni

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so what's involved with this?

Each event like concerts, festivals, fashion show or trade event, today, require large area coverage, high client connection counts, multiple VLANs, SSIDs, Wireless Point to Point links, fiber connections, and network access for vendors, artists, ticket booths/scanners, production offices, merch stands, etc.. TWOWAY WiFi’s customizable system and competent staff can handle festivals of any size, in any location. Utilizing enterprise grade firewalls and switches, we can segregate the network for the requirements laid forth by the festival organizers, and meet the needs of all of the internet dependent aspects of a modern festival. TWOWAY WiFi staff is well versed in each event work flows, and are very good at adapting to the ever changing, last minute, production needs.
We can scale from 150-300+ users, depending on what options you choose. We support individual Wi-Fi networks for attendees, production staff, and Point of Sale vendors and provides reliable internet bandwidth and Wi-Fi service needed to keep customers connected at any event.

Our networks are highly customizable. We can program whatever network names and passwords you’d like into multiple networks to divide the staff into groups. This allows bandwidth and priority allocation. Our systems use only one IP address from the house network, eliminating the possibility of conflicts with the venues existing network clients. This also separates your network from the rest of the house so your shared files and tunes dont show up on the house network.

TWOWAY WISP proposal

Designed to provide extremely high performances, both indoors and outdoors, WISP devices offer a wide range of uses: connection within corporate and industrial perimeters, public Wi-Fi, hotel comfort, university campuses, public and private transport. Equipped with great weather resistance, they guarantee an always efficient Wi-Fi connection and that makes the purchase of a second power line vain. Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless connectivity solutions that strengthen connections between people, places and things. Specializing in providing a wireless fabric of reliable, secure and cloud-managed platforms that stand out in difficult conditions, Cambium Networks enables service providers and industrial and government network operators to create intelligent connectivity.

Access Point Professional MultiLane and MultiLayes and dedicated controllers for roaming users from one antenna to another without interrupting the data flow.
Hotspot WiFi in combination with the firewalls used for security and connectivity control, they allow users to show a welcome splash page to your event, personalized content and to monitor traffic by limiting it when necessary.

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cnPilot Enterprise Indoor Wi-Fi 802.11ac Access Point

The best professional solution for indoor Internet connections

Manage the Internet connections at the best in the backstage offices of a concert or in the internal areas dedicated to the conference. Future proof your indoor deployments with compact, low profile, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) beamforming, high-speed enterprise wireless access points. cnPilot Indoor APs are perfect for indoor backstage areas, hotels, and during corporate events. Multi-dwelling units (MDUs), or any indoor environment that needs reliable, high performing educational or business wireless internet with high user capacity.

Broadband Mobile Connections with Peplink

The best solution for your temporary Internet connections

Peplink transport network technologies offer reliable, fast and flexible mobile networks that keep your company always at top speed, wherever they bring business. File transfer, team monitoring and surveillance and HD quality content: with Peplink, all digital traffic arrives quickly, without detours, delays or downtime. Peplink Balance Multi-WAN routers are used all over the world, helping thousands of customers in various sectors to increase bandwidth, improve Internet connection reliability and reduce costs.
The Pepwave MAX cellular router is the ultimate in mobile connectivity. Able to combine up to seven wireless connections into a single data connection using SpeedFusion ™ aggregation, the MAX router is more than fast: its indissoluble VPN provides continuous connectivity that can be counted on. Furthermore, connections can be added and removed on the fly, making the MAX router easily scalable.

Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi mesh for flexibility

TWOWAY offre la possibilità di espandere e customizzare la tua rete Wi-Fi indoor integrandola con moduli Outdoor per il massimo della copertura Internet nei backstage

Relying on TWOWAY for the rental of Wi-Fi infrastructures ensures the use of devices always efficient and technologically advanced and allows you to obtain significant benefits also from a fiscal point of view, since the rental fees are 100% deductible from taxes . Combining indoor and outdoor modules we are able to create high-performance network infrastructures capable of guaranteeing coverage over the entire event area.

In particular, ensuring a reliable and high-performance outdoor cover requires adequate planning and analysis. Thanks to Cambium Networks and Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) solutions combined with cnPilot ™ Wi-Fi access points, TWOWAY is able to guarantee reliable Wi-Fi wherever you want.

Servizio di noleggio infrastrutture Wi-Fi per concerti, congressi ed eventi