twoway. communications made simple

flexibility and cost advantages for a rental push-to-talk service

TWOWAY is a project born from thirty years of experience in the sector of Saitel Telecomunicazioni. Saitel with TWOWAY Italia decides to make the experience of the technicians and designers available in order to satisfy the multiple needs that are encountered in the rental of two-way radio equipment, walkie-talkie equipment and PMR446, for events and shows such as concerts, fashion shows fashion, shows, corporate events and sporting events in general from motorsport to ski races. The great experience gained in the technical field and the awareness of the problems inherent in the variegated world of events have led TWOWAY Italy to acquire the ability to identify the right partner for every situation, event, client. For this reason today it is able to offer a 360° service and a strong professionalism in the provision of professional communication systems and temporary Internet services in order to satisfy the needs of communication agencies and event production companies at any level.

concerts and festivals

temporary pro audio and signal distribution

Excellent sound quality. The cooperation between analogue and digital radio and TETRA in order to provide a service of absolute reliability. Events such as festivals and concerts are very critical from the point of view of safety and production and require a reliable and secure communication system, where excellent interoperability between the forces involved is required, given the large influx of people. TWOWAY deals with the supply of professional two-way radio systems, analogue and digital radio infrastructures, wi-fi connectivity to safety organs and event production. In our customer portfolio we boast collaborations with ATS, Filmaster, PRY, Realize, LiveNation. TWOWAY guarantees services from the management of the event in terms of supplying the communication systems, to planning, from the supply of highly professional radio equipment and excellent audio quality, to on-site technical support during the entire event.


Remote Revolution

The motorsport sector needs a highly professional rental business! The high level of stress for personnel and equipment combined with absolute zero-failure tolerance in communication locations makes Motorsport a unique service delivery sector. Saitel Telecomunicazioni with TWOWAY has over the years provided assistance and technical support to the TETRA communication system of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix and this has guaranteed its team a high profile professionalism in providing rental service in this field. TWOWAY guarantees services ranging from planning to system installation, the supply of a wide range of highly professional digital and digital radio equipment and accessories such as headphones etc. as well as special solutions for high-noise environments and the development of customized solutions for pilots.

sport events

Reliable Communications

The sector of competitions and sporting events is perhaps the sector in which the service of rental of two-way radio equipment, walkie-talkies, PMR446, broadcast services, wi-fi, for the high demands of cutting-edge technology is most exploited and profuse. TWOWAY has for years combined several teams and events in particular in the ski sector where it is a supplier of services for the ski world cup in Italy from the planning, installation and implementation of the communication system, to the supply of analog and digital radio equipment, accessories , the provision of intercommunicating systems and IPRs, the processing of ministerial procedures for the assignment of frequency use concessions and specialized technical assistance on site.

trade and corporate

a massive corporate event

TWOWAY provides temporary PTT communication systems, wi-fi connectivity, for corporate events, hotel conferences, conventions, large openings of commercial chains and shops, fairs and sales expos, government activities, public events, with highly performing products and services in functions of different needs and places where events are held. The needs of the sector often require highly efficient products with the highest safety standards, and in some cases the possibility of implementing existing systems with rental charges. With corporate events we often speak of the need for boradband and connectivity services. TWOWAY provides temporary WLAN access to allow all conventions participants to have fast and secure Internet access for data sharing.

industry and public safety

temporary pro audio and signal distribution

A professional and qualified rental service specifically for industry, public airport, security and hospital facilities. Industry needs require specific, highly professional products, secure communications and high efficiency. In particular, TWOWAY provides high-visibility headsets and adapters, ATEX devices (compliant with the regulations for the regulation of equipment in hazardous areas) and radio sites for detailed territorial control. We at TWOWAY also carry out assistance at the customer's site for the maintenance and integration of existing plants as well as continuous specialized technical assistance and the handling of ministerial practices for obtaining frequency use concessions.