We are not clever...

Using a professional radio transmitting device implies a request for temporary ministerial concessions for the use of frequencies

TWOWAY halves the time spent managing ministerial practices, compared to the administrative and technical management carried out directly by the customer. With specific customer delegation we set up the administrative and technical process aimed at obtaining the authorizations essential for the use of radio equipment frequencies of various types, in particular:

  • Request for definitive concessions for the right to use the frequency of the competent Ministry
  • Temporary Concessions

We have as objective and philosophy the maximum transparency towards the customer, we know well the law and the sanctions which we would encounter when using non-compliant transceivers equipment, for this reason we ALWAYS GUARANTEE proper use of frequencies strictly issued by the Ministry of Economic Development

TWOWAY Italia possesses all the technical and administrative competences also for obtaining the license requests for use frequency for the use of equipment even outside the Italian territory.