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30 years of experience and specialized technical support to guarantee your communications

Choosing TWOWAY means choosing a highly qualified and professional rental service for two-way radio equipment for temporary events where interoperability between public and private security forces, productions and technicians working in the field such as lighting and audio technicians is required. rigger, backstage staff in case of concerts. In partners with Saitel Telecomunicazioni and Motorola Solutions, we offer ready-to-use systems and RF equipment always overhauled and like new, a wide range of accessories, as well as a support technical and engineering, if required, during the event in such a way as to guarantee the complete H24 functionality of the system and equipment, an immediate first intervention in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions as well as autonomous management of the distribution and recovery of equipment. With TWOWAY you will have simple and secure communications always guaranteed. The TWOWAY WiFi proposal is then expressly designed to manage a high density of users that guarantees a unique, total and interactive user experience even to the most demanding user, regardless of the type of application, the type of device used and the number of users simultaneously connected to the network. The use of Internet links to diversified technologies (satellite, 4G, LTE and where ADSL and fiber are available) managed by professional firewall for redundancy and load-balancing, guarantees broadband connectivity anywhere in the territory

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With our technical support you will have at your disposal, during the duration of the event, one of our specialized technicians who will take care of the management of your communications, of the distribution and collection of the devices, in addition to provide advice and support in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions of transceiver systems or portable devices, so as to always guarantee complete H24 operation. You no longer have to worry about anything.

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