TWOWAY born from the idea of becoming a concrete support for communication systems for productions, security companies, first aid units during events ...

We are leader in Two Way Radio Rentals to the Music, and Entertainment Live Industry. With our integrated system powerd by Motorola solution we improve sicure communications during Concert, Sports and Corporate Events and TV Shows

TWOWAY services are of the highest quality and reliability and are used in event productions, concerts, sporting events, theater, business and corporate applications. Created in collaboration with Saitel Telecomunicazioni and Motorola Italia, TWOWAY provides rental of professional two-way radio equipment and tailor-made radio communication solutions, IT solutions, temporary WiFi connections and hotspots for all kinds of events such as concerts, sporting events, motorsports, fashion, corporate and trade events. A 360 ° service and a strong professionalism in the conception and design of communication systems in order to satisfy the needs of communication and event production agencies at any level.

TWOWAY was founded on a commitment to provide optimum service to each and every client. We have first hand experience which leads the way for developing a product that saves the end user time and money. It’s our attention to detail and each client’s individual needs that keep our clients coming back, time after time. We keep a detailed data base of each clients preferences so ordering gear for the next event is quick and easy! We will partner with you to suggest the best products for the type of event and give you the customer service that all of our clients have come to expect from TWOWAY. Each radio comes fully charged with a personalized label and includes a customized sign in/sign out sheet for all your crew members.
We also provide to delivers world class Wi-Fi solutions that enable excellent customer experiences, high-speed data delivery, and generate revenue. With TWOWAY, customers can design Wi-Fi to meet their needs and specifications rather than accept "what comes out of the box."
TWOWAY communications made simple.

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