A new innovative project

Aahead of the times, always looking for new ideas and development possibilities, TWOWAY Academy is a unique project in partnership with Motorola Solution and some of the most important universities in Italy, including the University of Brescia

The goal of TWOWAY Academy is not only training, but is born with the purpose of bringing radio frequencies to the faculties of Engineering, in such a way as to train students of the Telecommunications and Computer Science courses on various aspects related to the world of radio transmissions, whether the end terminal is a two-way radio, a walkie-talkie, a smartphone or a PC. The goal is to instruct students on how to use the frequency spectrum, and how to extricate themselves from the regulations regarding temporary frequency concessions.

Within our Team we have Telecommunications Engineers who understand the importance for the future of having more and more skills and professionalism in the RF field in a world where software solutions now seem to have assumed the command of signal transmissions.

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Seminar 25 March 2019 University of Brescia